The Elements - Inner Fight For Freedom

9. listopadu 2008 v 15:10 | Bang |  Some Music
P.S. Nečudujte sa, že ich nepoznáte, oni ešte len budú známy!!!!

I´m the bright side of you
I´ve always loved the way you do
But now, there´s a price on your head

It´s been a pleasure to share one skin, o´yeah
But now I feel, it´s too hot for me to stay
Since you´ve chosen this way, I´m afraid to look back
For some evil, som evil´s on our track

I saw us in the mirror yesterday
Wanted to talk, but you just turned away
Can´t forget your look in my eyes

Too long I´ve watched this ride to hell
We rise and fall together and I don´t wanna fall again
There´s no time left to please, obey and get on my knees
I´ve grieved enough, grieved enough now rest in peace!

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